How to avoid the Federal Aviation Regulations

How to avoid the Federal Aviation Regulations

You may not be aware of the rules that govern the use of drones in Australia.

These rules apply to most flights of public aircraft and are in place to protect Australian national security and national security interests.

They’re also important for our tourism industry.

For the safety of Australian aviation users, you need to be aware that: • The FAA is responsible for ensuring that Australian airspace is safe to fly and operated by our public and private sector partners, the Australian Federal Police, the Commonwealth Aviation Safety Authority and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

• The regulations are not intended to protect any particular individual or organisation, nor do they give rise to any legal obligation on their part to take reasonable measures to protect that individual or entity.

• In order to operate drones commercially, they must comply with the FAA’s safety requirements, including complying with safety protocols, performing maintenance and maintaining operational control.

The rules are not meant to apply to private commercial flights, including flights by aircraft operated by private businesses, and commercial aviation activities conducted by foreign or domestic aircraft.

• Operators of drones must ensure that the unmanned aircraft are operated in accordance with the appropriate rules of the relevant international organisation, and the safety requirements set out in that organisation’s regulations.

For example, an aircraft operator operating a drone that is not operated in a commercial manner may not operate the drone in a way that puts the aircraft in the risk of collision with another aircraft.

In the event of collision, the operator of the drone must: • Ensure that all safety protocols are in force, including any applicable international safety standards.

• Ensure the drone is not operating in a manner that could endanger the life of any person on board the aircraft.

If you’re concerned about a drone flying in your airspace, you can contact your local police or the Department of Civil Aviation for advice.

The Australian Federal Aviation Authority will provide you with the contact details of their local police and the Department.

The Department of Aviation is also a partner of the Department for the purposes of providing information to the public on drones.

For more information about drones, including how to operate them safely, visit the Australian Drone Forum.


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